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What can we get ya?


You know how you go to your favorite blog, and your regular blogger isn’t there.  You ask, ”Where’s John?”  “John no longer blogs here, I’m Steve.”  And you’re thinking, “Hey, who’s this idiot? I like John.”  But you still want your blog fix. And even though Steve doesn’t write his blog the same way you’re used to — like John — you still have the blog marked as a favorite, and you don’t want to have to go to a different blog.  And even Steve feels kinda bad, because John trained him.  John showed him how to use WordPress, where to find good links, who provides good reader comments — who doesn’t.  Well, we’re Steve. What can we get ya?

Apologies for the delay in getting The Word back up and running (and to Colin Quinn for poorly copping his intro as anchor to SNL’s “Weekend News”).  Keep coming back, we’ll be here.

  1. Best wishes to you all. Keep up the great work John started.


  2. Ok boys, let’s see what ya got.

    There were some huge fans of John’s and E. was one. Get busy and try to fill those shoes. Probably will take four of you.


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