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Advice on Language and Judgment


It’s rare that a discrimination or harassment charge doesn’t include an allegation that the discrimination or harassment involved offensive, inappropriate, or hostile language. Execupundit’s Michael Wade has some clear, down-to-earth, practical thoughts on this kind of thing. What Michael says would be useful¬†for executives, human resources, managers and supervisors to seriously consider.¬†Check it out.

GM/UAW High-Wire Act Becomes Higher


I’ve previously posted about the high-wire act being performed by General Motors and the United Auto Workers. In light of President Obama’s recent declaration that GM has 60 days, and only 60 days, to get its act together, the high-wire act has become more dangerous. Since this announcement, the b-word (bankruptcy) has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue.


Confucius on Faults

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The timeless wisdom of Confucious is so, well, timeless. For example:

“When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them.”

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